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Wikiton (greetings)

Hey, I’m Wikiton, and welcome to my website – Wikiton Contacts – my ultimate database of UK customer service contact numbers.

Here you’ll find customer service phone numbers for all the top companies active in the UK.

Some companies hide their contact details behind a barrage of FAQs. Others use expensive premium rate numbers (beginning with 09 or 0871). We don’t publish anything more pricey than 0843/0844 numbers (which cost only 5p per minute from a standard BT landline) so if you use our website wisely you’ll never need to worry about expensive phone bills again.

Often you find yourself needing to track down the number of a popular but hard-to-reach company.

Wikiton (yay)

Big companies are not always easy to get in touch with, so bookmark this site in case you ever need to make a quick customer service phone call in future.

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